I entered the political arena as a youth leader with one guiding mission : to serve the society as a whole and help to make positive difference to lives of fellow citizens. I have been working relentlessly to realize my dream of making Gurgaon a city of international standards. A city which is known for its heritage and is admired for its contemporary and urbane outlook. A city where no child is left without education or food, where every youth is ably employed and where no household is devoid of basic necessities like water, electricity and sanitation. I dream of making Gurgaon a city where every individual feels secure walking on the streets and where every family hopes for a better tomorrow. I have taken an earnest pledge that I will not stop in pursuit of my goals come whatever may be. I am very confident of realizing my vision with support of each and every citizen of this historic city. Let’s work to make Gurgaon a model city of the world and¬†announce the arrival of empowered India.


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